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Tire Replacement and Alignment

Tire Replacement

Do you need new tires? Wear on your tires can be caused by several factors, including maintenance and driving habits. A good indicator of when this wear has become problematic, is when treadwear light begins to appear. Getting your tires replaced should be a high priority at this time. When you see this light, resembling narrow strips of rubber across a tread, you know it is time to schedule an appointment with Spradlin.
Other signs that you may need replacement tires are when:
  • There are three or more treadwear indicators around the tire.
  • There is fabric or chording showing through the rubber.
  • The tread is cracked, cut, or damaged in a very noticeable way.
  • The tire is bulging or splitting.
  • There is a puncture in the tire that cannot be repaired.

Tire Rotation

Each tire on your car serves a unique purpose. The front tires assist in steering and directional functions, while the back-end tires work with rear-wheel drive. This alternate function causes tires to wear down at different rates. Therefore, a periodical tire rotation is vital for ensuring maximal tire usage. Getting your tires rotated By Spradlin will lengthen your tire life and help to achieve uniform tire wear.
Each vehicle requires a unique rotation pattern to ensure this uniformity will happen. Here at Spradlin, we follow each car's user manual recommendations for tire rotations.

Tire Alignment

Just like getting regular tire rotations, it is also vital for your tires and car's performance, if you get your tires aligned as needed. Tire alignments are critical towards ensuring maximum wear and performance. A poor alignment can be a result of your vehicle's suspension and steering systems becoming out of sync. If your car naturally drifts in one direction while driving, your tires most likely need to be aligned. Failing to keep your tires aligned can create extra stress and wear, which will cause you to have to replace your tires more often.

Tire Replacement and Alignment

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Tire Replacement

Tire Replacement cincinnati

Tire Replacement Services

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