Testimonials For Spradlin Car Services

"My relationship with Spradlin Service began in 1993. I was in town working to establish a new business. I got in my Acura one night, started the car, turned on the head lights at which time they both went out. The next morning I called all the Acura dealerships, no one would even look at the car. I then came across the Spradlin ad in the phone book, and I realized they were only a few blocks away so I called. Jerry Spradlin said no problem bring it right over. A few hours later Jerry called and said our car was ready. Afraid of what was coming next I ask about the cost. Jerry said both head lights had just burned out. There were no electrical problems with the car so he charged us for the two head lights. Not only was Jerry a nice guy, but he proved to be honest as well. His shop was always clean and he did his best to accommodate me. To this day I consider Jerry my friend. Since then Mike has taken over Spradlin Service and the service has been as good as if Jerry were still standing behind the counter. And as with Jerry, I now consider Mike a friend I can trust."

Drew Hetzler
Loyal customer for 16 years and counting

"For years Mike Blomer and the staff at Spradlin Service have provided excellent service and repair for my vehicles. I have complete confidence in their advice about maintaining my van. They show great integrity when the maintenance they recommend doesn't mean a financial profit for them. Their sound recommendations have built my trust and demonstrate the high quality of customer service they provide.

I also believe that Mike is incredibly patient (have you heard his work phone voice?) with all his customers, including me, who call and try to describe some noise their car is making or who are freaking out over some light that has come on their dash board (me). He's the auto service whisperer, or a therapist, or something like that!"

-S. Smith

"I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate our relationship with Spradlin. For me, it all revolves around a sense of trust. We trust that you guys are competent mechanics; we trust that we are being given a range of viable repair options, and we trust that we are being charged a fair price. Thanks for keeping our cars in good working order and safe for our whole family!"

-R. Goodwin

"I have been using Spradlin to repair my autos for approximately 10 years. I currently have five vehicles to maintain, and having someone I can trust to service these vehicles is imperative. I have always felt the service advisers were up front and honest and provided me options, when possible, when repair work is needed. I know they use quality parts and they stand behind their work. I will continue to use them for many years in the future."

J. Hale
West Chester

"Just a note to let you know how much I appreciate the service that you provide. I have a 2004 Acura MDX with 120,000 miles and you do a great job when I bring it in. I feel comfortable with the suggestions that you make and the prices that you charge. I have also bought tires from you for less money than I would have spent at a local warehouse store. You are always friendly and provide a loaner car when I need one. I'm big on getting value for my dollar and I know that you provide value for my money. That's all I can ask for."

D. Fickling
West Chester

"I would like to take the time to thank you and your staff for the good service you always give when I need your assistance. You go beyond to assist. Your customer service is exceptional! I can always count on you telling me what is needed, and aiding me when I have any difficulty. Your establishment truly personifies what a service orientated business should be!! I recommend you to friends and family, and being from Chicago, that's a good thing."

Again, thank you,
S. Morris

My car is running like new! It feels like it's new! You are all magicians! Thanks for everything!

P. Hudepohl

"...and many, many more. Have you talked to your friends yet about Spradlin?"

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