Car Engine and On Board Computer Maintenance

Car Tune Up

Spradlin will thoroughly run a full diagnostics check and perform an on-board computer scan to analyze any possible issues that may need to be addressed with your engine. Our highly trained and knowledgeable staff will engage in a vast array of checks to ensure that upon leaving our lot your car is mechanically sound. We also perform all-encompassing engine analyses and repairs, from expected repairs to unprompted issues.

Car Tune Up

A car tune up is one of the most important services that we provide at Spradlin. Parts only last for so long, and with wear and tear come decreased engine and overall performance. To keep everything running smoothly and your car well-maintained, it is important to ensure that the parts under the hood are reliable and replaced as they age. Most cars have manufacturer recommended replacement dates. As this time approaches, a car tune up is suggested as to keep the vehicle in smooth working order. It is better to have a thorough car tune up than to wait long past the replacement date and experience worsening issues or a breakdown.

In addition to these car tune up services, we offer the following engine performance and computer maintenance services:

Engine Performance Analysis / On Board Computer Scan

  • Access on board computer and scan for DTC’s or maintenance required codes.
  • While accessing on board computer perform individual performance test on:
    • All ground and power connections
    • Resistance of all wiring harness wires, perform voltage drop test
    • Actuators and solenoids
    • Fuel injectors and the air to fuel ratios
    • Analyze results and compare with manufacturer's specifications for optimality
  • Compile written results of tests performed with recommendations and cost of repairs

Engine Performance Repairs

  • Check primary ignition signal
    • Computer signals
    • Ignition module signal
  • Check secondary ignition output
    • Plug wires
    • Distributor and Cap
    • Ignition rotor
    • Spark plugs
  • Perform power balance test
  • Perform cylinder compression test
  • Analyze exhaust emissions
  • Inspect and adjust ignition timing
  • Timing belt replacement

Timing Belt Replacement

Another important part of your engine is the timing belt. The timing belt controls your engine’s valves and should be synchronized with the valve and piston movements. Without proper timing belt replacement practices, the engine could suffer a complete breakdown or fail. Just like the other parts, timing belt replacement is suggested at set intervals by the manufacturer, but usually range between 100,000 and 150,000 kilometers.

Car Tune Up

Engine Performance Test

Exhaust System Inspection

Auto Repair

Exhaust System Repair

Emission Check

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