Drivetrain Specialists

If your automobile is experiencing hard vibrations during gear shifts, the auto drivetrain may be deteriorating. A rough ride is a common symptom of many drivetrain issues. As the drivetrain runs from the transmission to the axles, a problem in this part of the vehicle is readily apparent during daily driving. Driving a vehicle with auto drivetrain issues can be worrisome and stressful. If inspected, diagnosed, and repaired correctly with Spradlin drivetrain specialists, we’ll get you back on the road to the smooth cruising you deserve and expect from your vehicle. Most of our car repair procedures are finished in one day.

Our highly trained staff has experience with auto drivetrain malfunction attained through decades of hands-on experience. We feel confident in calling ourselves drivetrain specialists. We’ll perform a complete inspection of your vehicle, get to the problem, and fix it. At Spradlin, it’s as simple as that. The drivetrain is a system of many vital components ranging from CV joints to boots to seals and more. Let an experienced drivetrain specialist at Spradlin deal with your automobile’s drivetrain the right way. If your drivetrain is healthy, we’ll do our best to keep it that way. Drivetrain inspections are routine at Spradlin because we know an auto drivetrain is one of the most essential systems in your car. Our goal is to prevent problems just as much as it is to fix problems.

Spradlin has developed into Cincinnati’s most trusted car repair shop by providing honest opinions and proper repairs to ensure the job gets done right. Spradlin’s drivetrain specialists carry out drivetrain inspections and repairs on a daily basis, gaining irreplaceable experience that clearly separates us from our competitors.

Auto Drivetrain Repairs

  • Inspect/replace CV joints and boots
  • Inspect/replace driveshafts and Universal joints
  • Inspect all driveline seals for leaks
  • Lubricate all components as necessary


Drivetrain Repairs

Drivetrain Repairs Cincinnati

Drivetrain Repairs

Auto Drivetrain

Auto Drivetrain Cincinnati

Automobile Drivetrain

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