Automotive AC Repair & Car Climate Control

Cool in the summer. Warm in the winter. Yes, Spradlin knows the essentials when it comes to keeping your car’s interior comfortable year-round. For decades, our automobile AC repair and heat technicians have kept cooling and heating systems working efficiently and consistently. The professionals at Spradlin will stop at nothing short of a complete inspection of your car’s air conditioning and heating system resulting in a complete and satisfying auto AC repair.



While other garages jump to conclusions and replace perfectly working parts, we’ll test and inspect most every part of your car’s climate control unit. The automobile AC repair and auto climate control repair specialists at Spradlin know these systems in and out. Our staff is ASE-certified and serves Cincinnati with the best service around. With precise and efficient service, we’ll get your car’s air working like it should. We also value your time and in most cases, can get your repaired car back to you in one business day.

Ac Car Repair

Spradlin is a leading Cincinnati car maintenance shop, providing top quality car AC repair and automotive climate control repair for thousands of local drivers. We tackle each aspect of car air conditioning and heating repair to make your driving experience as comfortable as possible. If there is a service that you are interested in, but do not see listed below, do not hesitate to contact one of our representatives who are ready and willing to be of assistance to your auto AC repair needs.

Car Air Conditioning Repairs

  • Test system for proper amount of refrigerant
  • Test refrigerant for moisture contamination
  • Inspect and adjust A/C compressor drive belt
  • Performance test A/C operation
  • Inspect all visible A/C components for leaks and add Fluorescent dye
  • Test antifreeze for proper mix
  • Pressure test cooling system
  • Inspect and/or replace cooling system components. Water pump, thermostat, hoses, etc.


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